Premise Creative is the place for anyone that has an inkling, conceptual idea or a specific project that needs to be brought to life.  Whether you are an individual producer, creative director or a studio executive tasked with delivering a creative visual storytelling project to fruition, Premise Creative is the place to start and have it envisioned, produced and finished with quality!

This is also the place where Clients become Colleagues, as they utilize the expertise of the Premise Entertainment teams and its leadership in executing a vast array of various sized projects of differing scope and budget parameters.

Almost no project is too small or too large.  Whether its character development, visual development or story development, Premise Creative  will have you covered.  We have created multimedia projects in multiple genres and mediums such as E-Books, commercials, apps, video games, television or full feature length films.  Each and every project is treated with excellence.  Since we know our work is out there forever, it's our mission to deliver it at the highest quality possible.

A Premise project always go through the quality assurance of Studio leadership.

"Every Client we have had over the last 16 years, has pretty much  become colleagues in some way.  And we enjoy having them return in one capacity or another, year after year."

We look forward to bringing your project to life!


Script Development

 We  strongly believe in having a defined road map before driving forward  with your project, and that begins with Script Development.  The story  you are trying to tell is essential, regardless if it's a commercial,  short or feature length production.  We can work with you to breakdown  the script, the story elements and organize the 3 act story structure  for television and feature projects.  With years of experience in the  story telling arena of production, we also offer the opportunity of  working with credited writers in the industry.  It all starts with a  good story, or better yet, we like to say... a solid Premise.


Visual Development

 Visualization of a project starts from a simple scribble phase, working  its way up to full-blown finished pieces of art.  The typical coverage  for this art will range from character design, development layouts,  background environments, color temperature and just about everything  needed for an Animation director and the Art Director to get a handle on  what the overall style and direction should be for the intended  project. 


 The storyboarding process means working directly with the Animation  Director.   As a critical and essential part of any project, valuable  time can be saved and the entire show can be visualized before a single  scene or shot is moved into animation or live action production.   Storyboarding is the ageless and ideal way to plan out the entire  project and problem-solve story issues as well as identifying production  efficiencies at the earliest stage of any project.  Talented board  artists streamline the process by exploring dynamic and compelling  visual ways to tell the story.