Tiki Trouble: Special Edition

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This Hardcover Limited Edition version of Tiki Trouble comes in a massive 9.5" x 13" size inspired by the Big Illustrated Story Books of the past. See every page as it was meant to be seen in it's largest unedited format, with stunning high quality print and thick weighted pages. This Special Edition Large Format version is a VERY limited edition print of only 100 books outside of the original KickStarter backers, so we recommend getting a copy before they are all gone.


Standard Edition - Hardcover / Paperback

These are the 8.5 x 11 sized book versions from $24.99 - $15.99 .  "Tiki Trouble" is the illustrated epic adventure of a life transformed by finding courage in the face of fear. Brewster Williams, a phobia-plagued insurance adjuster, becomes tricked into visiting a remote South Sea island where he is transfigured into a one-foot high tiki doll by an evil kindler named Tahitoa. Brewster is thrust into a situation where he must save a pair of princesses to get his original body back. Having been fearful since an unfortunate school field trip fiasco that changed his life's path, now a set of events is about to open a doorway to his greatest challenge - and a quest of which he could have never dreamed - giving him a second chance at valiantly living the life that he was truly meant to live, not full of regret, but full of courage.


Visual Development Art of Tiki Trouble

Both in paperback and eBook versions from $9.99. Glimpse some behind-the-scenes visual development artwork, a collection  of sketches and storyboards along with character story beats including a test piece of character animation.  


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closer look at Tiki Trouble

Tiki Trouble: Illustrated Adventure book trailer

Tiki Trouble is an original story of Heroic transformation about taking a step of Courage in the face of fear, and by doing so, how that one step can change your life to the one you were truly meant to live.

Tiki Trouble: Behind the Scenes series

This is a little insight into my drawing approach while being aware of the visual storytelling.  From scribble pass to final tonal layout, you can see how I look for opportunities to direct the viewers eye while staying aware of the storytelling moments and the most appealing composition.  If you would like to see more of these process videos please let me know!  Thank you and Hope you enjoy! 

Visual Development 'Art of' Tiki Trouble: trailer

Glimpse some behind-the-scenes visual development artwork, a collection of sketches and storyboards along with character designs and including a test piece of character animation.  The art here represents elements that make up the original story entitled “Tiki Trouble.”