Principle Arts Workshops


Sponsored by Premise Entertainment

Premise offers pre-scheduled single day and multi-day drawing workshop events each year.

These workshops are designed for those interested in any of the  following fields including animation, gaming, comic book illustration, or just becoming a better artist able to utilize your talents through visual storytelling.


Life Drawing at Creative Cay

Open Life Drawing Sessions

Every other Wednesday Premise Entertainment hosts a 2 hour life drawing session that's open to the public located at the Creative Cay workshop space. We welcome artists of any caliber to come join professionals and beginners alike in practicing and honing their drawing skills with a 2 hour session of quick 5-10 minute poses. These quick poses are great for pushing yourself to focus on the fundamentals of shape and form without getting bogged down with too much detail. Though this isn't an instructed class, we encourage the sharing of questions and processes to help each other improve in a lighthearted, non-formal environment. 

$10 per person

Life Drawing sessions are conducted every other Wednesday from 7:00 - 9:00 PM just outside of downtown Orlando. Join our mailing list if you're interested or feel free to show up to any class. Check out the calendar below for our schedule.


Due to the current 'Stay at Home' conditions we have temporarily shifted our on-site classes to be online for anyone to join in for FREE! "At Home" Life Drawing / Gesture drawing sessions are currently available on our Premise Entertainment Youtube channel.  7-9PM EST every other Wednesday evening. 

If you're a model and would like to inquire about posing for us, please fill out the subscription form below and mention that you're a model and we'll be sure to get back to you soon!


Life Drawing Mailing List

Our Life Drawing sessions are located at the Creative Cay Studio Space: 

Creative Cay Studio Space

5959 Anno Avenue, Pine Castle, FL, USA