Buck & Ears


Buck & Ears: X Marks the Spot

 Join Buck and Ears on their first adventure in their quest for the "Big Cheese: X Marks the Spot" is the first picture book in the series starring two sea-faring adventurers in search of the world’s most treasured food, the mythical BIG CHEESE!  Along their voyages they come across many obstacles and find out that the real treasure turns out to be teamwork and their friendship.  Also included is an EXCLUSIVE 'FLIPITS' flipbook activity for the reader to create with their parents.  As soon as you cut it out watch Buck and Ears come to life! 

closer look at Buck & Ears

Buck & Ears in 'X' Marks the Spot

Check out our new PICTURE BOOK adventure for young readers called 'Buck and Ears in X Marks the Spot'.  Each Premise Press children's book comes with a fun animation FLIP ITS activity to make your own flip books and bring the characters to life!  Now available in Hardback, Paperback and digital.