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DOMINIC CAROLA President and Creative Director

As an entrepreneur and artist, Dominic Carola has enjoyed life's journey of pursuing dreams and helping others to make those dreams a reality.  Carola is an award winning Director and Producer of animated content and has been in the Film and Animation industry executing visual storytelling for more than twenty years.  Originally getting his professional start by working for DC Comics in New York, Carola then headed west to attend the prestigious Walt Disney founded California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).  There his student film won the inaugural Walter Lantz animation award in 1993 presented to him by Walter Lantz before his passing.


While at CalArts, he was recruited by Walt Disney Feature Animation and went on to spend more than a decade working for (WDFA) in Orlando Florida.  While at Disney's, Mr. Carola became a Lead Animator and animated on such films as LILO & STITCH, MULAN and BROTHER BEAR.  His other animation film credits include JOHN HENRY, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, POCAHONTAS and THE LION KING.  In addition, Mr. Carola served as the Director of Animation for Walt Disney's California Adventure Animation Pavilion, recognized for the THEA Award for theme park attractions.  He also received another THEA award for THE SIMPSONS ride media content for Universal Studios theme parks.


When The Disney studio consolidated back to Burbank, Dominic chose to stay in Orlando to launch an independent animation production company, Premise Entertainment, which was originally launched as a commercial house in 2001.  Along with owning Premise he also co - founded Project Firefly in 2004 along with several of his Walt Disney Feature Animation colleagues and served as its President.  Since then, he has overseen productions ranging from theatrical features, direct-to-DVDs and television projects.  He has also served as the Head of Production for the Florida units on the Universal Pictures' theatrical release of CURIOUS GEORGE as well as several other animated productions including WINNIE THE POOH Springtime for Roo and Walt Disney’s GOOFY'S: How to Hook up Your Home Theatre.   Premise Entertainment was  privileged to be a partner studio for Walt Disney on the production of THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG film.  Carola recently was the Head of Production and Supervising Animator for the traditional animation teams based at Premise Entertainment, on the Award winning 2013 John Lewis Christmas commercial campaign THE BEAR AND THE HARE.


Carola oversees production on projects of varying scope through Premise Entertainment while also serving as an independent consultant on domestic and overseas animated film projects and theme park ride attractions.  Mr. Carola is a family man and enjoys being associated with family-friendly content that has a positive uplifting message for worldwide audiences.

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